Q1: What are the purposes of APANE?
A: The purposes of APANE are to-
1. Work for the improvement of nursing education standards in Asia and Pacific regions
2. Stimulate and promote the partnership and collaboration among nursing professionals in Asia and Pacific regions.
3. Provide leadership to improve health care based on challenges, issues, and opportunities in Asia and Pacific regions.
4. Shape cultural sensitive education models of Asia and Pacific nursing education.

Q2: What are the benefits of joining APANE?
A: The benefits of joining APANE are to-
1. Enhance partnership and collaboration among nursing professionals from an international platform and develop perspectives for the challenges, issues, and opportunities for nursing education.
2. Develop the unique approaches based on diverse cultures and establish cultural sensitive education models of Asia and Pacific nursing education.
3. Join the educational activities, conferences, workshops, meetings intended to promote improved principles and efficient practices in the nursing education of colleges and universities.
4. Exchange information, experience and resources in the areas of educational and training programs, curriculum, and capacity-building of teachers, teaching methods, assessment and evaluation, infrastructure as well as research among members.

Q3: What are the rights and obligations of an APANE member?
A: The rights and the duties of members are to-
1. Display a certificate of membership in APANE.
2. Participate in workshops, networking, and all APANE events with additional benefit, and join the Exchange Programs on the APANE website for exchange and interaction of nursing education among members.
3. Comply with the bylaws and to implement the resolution of APANE.
4. Hold positions assigned by APANE.

Q4: How do I register for APANE membership and do I get a membership certificate with a registration number?
A: 1. The classification of membership
(1) Corporate members: Any organization, school, group or medical institution related to nursing education (Please refer to the details of membership qualifications in Bylaws) in the Asia Pacific region may apply by its President or chief, and become the member of APANE after being approved by the Board of Directors.
(2) Honorary members: Individual who has a special contribution to nursing education and recommended by the Board of Directors may be invited to become the honorary member of APANE.
(3) Sponsoring members: Individual or group who agree with the purpose and have sponsored APANE may become sponsoring member after being approved by the Board of Directors.
2. Registration and membership certificate
APANE is still at the preparatory stage. We will post the information about membership registration on the APANE website after the 1st meeting of the Board of Directors.

Q5: Do I have to pay for joining APANE, such as admission fee or annual membership dues?
A: No, both will not charge for the time being.

Q6: Do I need to pay for joining APANE opening ceremony?
A: To join APANE opening ceremony you only need to do the online registration without registration fee. However, if you want to join the optional itinerary, you will have to pay an additional fee.

Q7: What functions and information I can get from the exchange programs platform on APANE website?
A: The exchange programs platform can deliver international educational activities information, including but not limited to short-term exchange/visiting student programs, overseas internship programs.

Q8: We have received the link of APANE exchange programs to fill in the form and introduce our schools/institutions. What is the difference between membership and partnership in exchange programs?
A: The exchange programs platform is opened for all associations with or without membership now till a grace period to encourage the utilization, but will be limited to member only in the future.

Q9: Does APANE provide the certification of speech for the invited speakers?
A: Yes, we will provide the certification of speech for the invited speakers.

Q10: How often will the Members’ Congress are held?
A: The Members’ Congress will be convened every 2 years in conjunction with an international conference (ACiNE).